It is essential to have a basic schedule/timetable for your wedding day. Ask the professionals responsible for your hair and makeup in one of your meetings what is the estimated time and how long the whole process will take. Then inform them of the time you want them to be in the place of the preparation.

If you have arranged with your photographer to shoot the preparation process you need to have a discussion about the time that is required.There are some photographers who take some photographs (portraits, family) before your departure for the church and others who do not. This depends on the tone and style of the photographer you choose and on what you have prearranged at your meetings.

Estimate all the above and add another 30 minutes so as not to run out of time. Surely you would not want to be in a hurry having to put your shoes on the road in order to be at the ceremony on time. It will sure make for some great picture for the benefit of your photographer but it won’t be for yours.

For example, if the wedding ceremony begins at 7:00 pm you may have to start your preparation at 3:00 pm taking into account the time needed for hair, makeup, photographer, wedding dress and shoes. The timetable, however, may vary depending upon whether your marriage takes place on an island where the mood in general is more relaxed or if it is in a city center where the time schedule is more strict.

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