Most wedding event venues, especially the outdoors ones, do not have sufficient light resulting in a black background in all of your pictures. Yes, we know that you want to create a romantic and fairytale atmosphere for your guests, but this is what makes your wedding pictures seem less than they really should be. We suggest you use a warm light for better results.

In every case, inform your wedding photographer in one of the sessions you will have prior your wedding day since he/she should be aware of the lighting circumstances. This way you help us be properly prepared and, of course, you avoid the annoying flash on our cameras which most times you and your guests wish it wasn’t there! Moreover, your photographer’s presence becomes more discrete. Don’t forget that each photographer uses light in different ways, so that’s the one who will give you the best tips and solutions!

Finally, if you want something more professional, there are a lot of companies in the lighting business who can easily consult you and suggest lots of ideas depending the venue your wedding will take place.


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