It is of great importance to know in advance where and how you want the preparation process on your wedding day to take place. Do you want to get ready at home or in a hotel room? In a more quiet and relaxed mood, with 1-2 friends or in a room full of people around you? Each situation is different and provides completely different visuals.

If, for example, you decide to get prepared in a hotel, the surrounding space is bigger, the lighting better and the background is more refined (most of the time) from your house. This means that the style of the photos will be completely different and your wedding photographer will be able to give you some very beautiful and striking images. Many couples though make the decision to have their preparation at home, purely for sentimental reasons as they feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Whatever you decision is, make sure that it is based on what will make you the happiest those few hours before your big moment. In case you want to include many of your guests into the preparation process, make certain that you there is indeed enough space for everyone to be comfortable. A crowded space may result to irritation, which will further cause difficulties and complications to those working at the time of the preparation (hairdressers, makeup artists).

There are some hairdressers and makeup artists who refuse to have a crowd in the same room that you are getting ready. So if you have many guests, let the professionals know in advance, because you don’t want any unexpected surprises  on your wedding day. From personal experience there was one occasion where the makeup artist of the bride wouldn’t allow into the same room not only the guests, but even the photographers. Can you imagine the frustration of the bride?

It’s in your best interest during the selection of the photographer who will cover the event, to request samples of their prior projects that are similar to your own wedding in place and location in order for you to know what are your expectations and requirements. In any case, the choice is always yours. Just make sure to let your photographer know during one of your meetings so as to have an overall understanding of your wedding.

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April 23, 2015
Useful tips. Thanks!!!