We are the owners of a small wedding photography studio based in Volos, Greece and we are into wedding photography for the past 10 years. So far we have won awards in international wedding photography associations and we have shot couples from almost every corner in Greece but also around the world such as Paris, London and Stockholm. All these may mean nothing to you. They just prove our experience in wedding photography.

We have been wandering for so long trying to create something new and different and the influence of well-known photographers was intense. But what always mattered to us was to be able to describe and narrate a true and unique wedding story through our images. As time went by we have realised that what we really loved and still do, we could make it our own way.

A lot of people think that all weddings are the same. That isn’t true. That’s why we are often asked why we find shooting them interesting. Each wedding is unique because each couple add their own personalities. Every time we have a wedding photo shoot, we keep in mind that we have to deal with two different people. And that’s why we love wedding photography. We will never show you a fake wedding story because we simply try to capture the moments when they happen. We know that relaxing people next to us doesn’t mean that we should tell them what they have to do or where they should be looking at. You will never see us staging anyone or telling the bride’s dad to hug his daughter because we are not directors. If something like that happens, we will be there to capture the moment. Because this is when it matters.

It’s meaningless what we say about ourselves, but what you say about us.

Konstantinos and Mary